Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kayaking Adventures – Part 1

Now that the weather is getting cold I decided to post some photo's that were taken while kayaking. It made me feel all warm and "summery".

When first kayaking I decided not to bring my camera. I admit I was afraid of dropping it in the water or getting it wet. Once my confidence in my kayaking skills soared I decided to take the plunge and include the camera on the trips. Enjoy!

Remember you can click on any image to make it larger for viewing.

I started at Laurel Creek Conversation Area. Just a very small lake but it gave me lots of practice.

Feather on the water.

Paddling at dusk.

Lots of birds in this area.

Me just drifting around in my kayak.

Reflection in the water.

Birds flying out of the bull rushes.

Feather on the water.

Birds hiding in the bull rushes.

A bird surveying its' territory.

Reflection on the water.

A bird carrying a fish.

The next adventure was Guelph lake. Actually we visited Guelph Lake a lot since there were so many area's to explore.

A blue heron enjoying the ducks floating by.

Perhaps my hint to get off the water before that storm arrives.

An osprey who is not happy with me snapping a few photos.

The blue heron hanging out in the woods.

Awfully kind of the blue heron to pose for me.

Flying free.

This bird actually let me get underneath him for this shot...thanks for your co-operation!

A fine looking pose!

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Patty Tanji said...

Beautiful! I have recently rediscovered nature after spending far too many days behind a desk. I'm committed to 'getting out more often'. Pics like these are very motivating!